RainSoft turns ordinary water into extraordinary water . . .
® Reverse Osmosis
Drinking Water System
RainSoft’s most versatile drinking water system.
Customized to deliver the best drinking and
cooking water possible.
RainSoft R.O. =
The Ultimate Drinking
Water Solution.
Now you have an even greater choice when it
comes to selecting the finest drinking water system
2 Systems are available: UF22 and UF50
available for your family.
UF22 High production TFC R.O. element, high
efficiency carbon block sediment pre-filter, carbon
RainSoft reverse osmosis drinking water systems
block sediment post-filter.
UF50 High production TFC R.O. element, high
combine high efficiency along with your choice of
efficiency carbon block sediment pre-filter, superior
pre-filter, post-filter, and system capacity. Your
carbon block sediment post-filter that reduces Volatile
Organic Chemicals (VOC’s).
RainSoft dealer can help you to choose the
system that’s best for your local water conditions.
2080 East Lunt Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 USA
1-800-RAINSOFT (USA only)
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World Wide Water Company Inc.
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This literature is not approved for use in California. Please request
California-specific literature from your local RainSoft Dealer.
(Each RainSoft dealership is independently owned and operated.)