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Application Limitations
Maintenance Requirements
Well pumps must produce a greater flow rate than the
The filtering media will eventually become exhausted or
required backwash flow rate. Water to be filtered should
consumed and will need replacement. The replacement
be free of oil and suspended matter, and should be
schedule will depend on the incoming water quality and
relatively free of iron and turbidity for maximum service life
the amount of water you use. Your local authorized
for taste and odor reduction. Actual results may vary
RainSoft dealer can provide you with replacement
based on local water conditions. If installed in conjunction
schedules based on your water-using habits and your
with a water conditioner this system must be installed
incoming water quality.
before the water conditioner to provide maximum benefits.
The regeneration valve is designed to last a lifetime. From
time to time it may be necessary to clean and lubricate
the moving parts. Your water quality and the amount of
regenerations will affect this schedule. Your dealer is
knowledgeable in different water qualities and the
necessary parts required in completing this service.
Note: Tank size and local water pressure will affect unit’s operating flow rate.
CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Water treatment devices sold to retail consumers in California
accompanied by certain health claims must be certified by the State of California Department
of Public Health. The RainSoft RFC H and SH Series filters are not certified by the State of
California for the purpose of making health claims.
RainSoft Model RFC H Series filters are UL and CSA listed, and are TÜV certified to meet
European CE requirements. RainSoft Model RFC H Series filters are tested and certified by
the WQA to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 for the specific performance claims as verified
and substantiated by test data. Refer to the manufacturer’s Performance Data Sheet for
specific claims and certifications. RainSoft Model RFC H Series filters have earned the
Good Housekeeping Seal.
Benefits will be provided by various types of RainSoft equipment when installed and operated
according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Operational, maintenance and replacement
requirements are essential for the product to perform as advertised. All claims based on best
available information at time of printing. Manufacturer makes no representations as to the
suitability of this equipment for a particular application. Buyer relies entirely on dealer’s
recommendations in the purchase of this equipment. Independent RainSoft dealers may include,
together with your RainSoft product, a product or component that is not manufactured by
RainSoft or their parent company, AWTP, LLC. Any non-RainSoft product may be covered by the
manufacturer of that product, and is not covered by the RainSoft warranty. AWTP, LLC does not
warrant that your RainSoft product and the non-RainSoft product will perform properly when used
together, and assumes no liability therefore.
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