RainSoft turns ordinary water into extraordinary water . . .
• Generous Capacity
• 5 Year Warranty
Retention Tank
120 Gallon Tank
75" Height
24" Diameter
The RainSoft Retention Tank is built tough to
120 Gallon Capacity
deliver years of reliable, nonstop service.
The tank itself is constructed of fiberglass for
strength and durability.
No internal piping modifications are required.
The tank comes with all internal piping necessary
to enable the tank to settle out unwanted water
problems. The 1-1/4" inlet and 1" outlet are
already in place and ready to accommodate
your piping.
The tank works with either manual or automatic
blowdown valves. The blowdown port, used for
draining, (1-1/4") positioned near the bottom of
the tank makes cleaning of particles and other
unwanted sediment much easier.
CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Water treatment devices sold to retail consumers in California
accompanied by certain health claims must be certified by the California Department of
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Health Services. The RainSoft Retention Tank is not certified by the State of California for the
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purpose of making health claims.
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