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How a Hydrefiner Drinking Water System Works
Hydrefiner System Specifications
Step 1: Cold water enters the system.
Flow Rate: .75 gallons per minute (2.84 LPM)
Step 2: Water is forced through the tightly compressed
Capacity: 830 gallons (3,142 liters) with Filtergard II
activated carbon block filter that has a porosity
faucet, 500 gallons (1,890 liters) without faucet
of only 1 micron.
Operating Supply Pressure: 40 - 100 PSI (2.76 - 6.89 bar)
Step 3: Unwanted substances are
Operating Temperature: 50 - 100°F (10 - 37.8°C)
trapped and filtered out.
Step 4: Water leaves the filter and
flows through the system’s
faucet, providing you with an
abundant supply of crystal
clear, delicious water for
both drinking and cooking.
RainSoft P-12 Hydrefiner models 9878 and 9879 have been tested and certified by NSF
International against NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for the reduction of claims specified on the
Performance Data Sheet. Refer to the manufacturer’s Performance Data Sheet for the specific
reduction claims and certifications.
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