• Reduces airborne contaminants
• Helps eliminate household odors
• Leaves your air fresh and clean
• Treats the entire house,
not just one room.
EPA studies indicate that air quality in the
average home can be 4 to 40 times dirtier than
the outside air. When you think about all the time
your family spends indoors, doesn’t it make sense
to give them the best quality air you can?
• Uses less power than a standard light bulb—draws
only 47 watts of power.
• Automatic airflow sensor means the ozone lamp is
operating only when air is flowing.
• Plugs into any standard outlet.
• Operational status is easily determined at a glance
with the LED indicators.
How Does the Airmaster Ultra Work?
• Lid interlock safety switch.
Installation. The Airmaster Ultra is installed in the air
• Remote status indicator available.
duct in your home’s heating/cooling system. The system
works using two safe and time-tested technologies,
• External odor control adjustment makes it easy to
ultraviolet light and ozone.
adjust for changing home air quality.
• “J“ lamp kit available for smaller ducts.
UV Purification. Air passes by the light of the
UV lamp, where many common bacteria and molds
are reduced.*
Ozone Purification. The air then passes by a specially
designed lamp that produces a very small, controlled
amount of ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidizer that
reduces problem odors from cooking, pets and other
sources, leaving behind fresher, cleaner air.
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Continuous Air Quality. Whenever your heating/
cooling system is on, the Airmaster Ultra works silently
1-800-RAINSOFT (USA only)
and continuously, leaving fresher, cleaner air throughout
A Division of Aquion Water Treatment Products
your home.
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Low Maintenance. The only maintenance the
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Airmaster Ultra requires is periodically changing the
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UV and ozone lamps, a service that your RainSoft
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dealer will perform for you.
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(Each RainSoft dealership is independently owned and operated.)
*Test performed by independent lab. Test results are available upon request.