Understanding Air Purification
You may be familiar with air filtration products, but the
Airmaster Ultra is actually an air purifier. The diagrams
below help explain the difference. Air filters are also
called “mechanical filters.” They work by trapping
particles that are too large to pass through (Fig. 1). They
collect larger particles, but may not be as effective for
many smaller particles. The filters must be changed on a
regular basis, as they fill up with the collected debris
(much like the bag on a vacuum cleaner).
Optional Accessory
• A remote status indicator is useful when the Airmaster is
mounted in an inaccessible location, such as an attic.
Technical Specifications
• Airmaster Ultra ozone/UV air purifier with adjustable
ozone output from .025 to .100 grams per hour—
to handle heavier contamination demands, including
odor control.
Fig. 1
• Height (including lamp): 16"
• Length: 12.6"
• Width: 5"
• Unit weight: 2.6 lbs.
• Shipping weight: 7 lbs.
Fig. 2a
• Electrical requirements: 120 VAC/60 Hz
• Power consumption: 47 watts
Fig. 2b
Air purifiers, on the other hand, actually sterilize or kill
most contaminants. Both UV and ozone are purification
methods. In the Airmaster Ultra, when air passes within
the UV light zone (Fig. 2a), most airborne bacteria and
molds are killed or sterilized. From there, the air passes
by the ozone lamp (Fig. 2b) where odors are neutralized.
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